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Organisation Development Institute is a leading Institute of higher education having a universal reach as it imparts all its Educational Programmes through Distant Learning Mode only, extensively making use of the Internet, Computer and e-mail, providing highly personalized and individualized attention to each and every student. Our students are located in every nook and corner of the World taking advantage of our expertise through our highly cost-effective and qualitative Programmes. Apart from our own courses, we also run the Educational & professional Courses of a number of Affiliates, Indian and foreign Universities & Institutes covering a vast variety of undergraduate/ Post graduate & highly professional courses.

Our Own Courses :
At present, all our Programmes are of Post Graduate level wherein any successful Graduate in any Discipline (Arts, Commerce or Science), or any candidate who has successfully completed a three-year Diploma in any field (Engineering, Hotel Management or any other vocational trade) after 10+2 or any student of five years integrated course in Management or Law or any other Discipline, who has successfully completed first three years of the course, can also apply for admission irrespective of his/her percentage of marks, age, domicile or experience. This is in consonance with our Policy that Learning is a lifelong process and there is no limit of age, place or resources for learning. You only need to have a strong Willpower to learn. The emphasis of all our Programmes is on imparting necessary Knowledge and Skills by following the Policy of Learning by Doing, which is missing in most of the educational and professional Programmes.


PG Diploma in Corporate Legal Management

The Programme is for those who want to specialise in Corporate Legal Management, which is the most emerging field of legal practice and is the biggest and the best job provider.


PG Diploma in Business Laws

Business Law is a highly specialised branch of Law. The current coverage of the subject either in Management or Law Institutes are virtually negligible leaving a void for those who are wanting to make a career in this field or those who are already working in the legal department of a Corporate House.


PG Diploma in Labour Laws

The growing awareness amongst the working class about their rights and the tightening noose of the law enforcing agencies are hardly leaving any choice for the Industry, as well as for those who are entrusted with the responsibility of compliances, to acquire knowledge and update themselves on various Labour Laws


PG Diploma in Intellectual Properties Laws

The immense assets and value of the corporate sector is locked in their intellectual properties, make it absolutely essential for this sector to effectively guard and protect it from any invasion or infringement, thus creating a demand for highly specialised professionals who require this Diploma in order to effectively discharge their duties in their respective organisations.


PG Diploma in Cyber Laws

With every achievement or opportunity, there are built-in threats. With India becoming a global leader in Information Technology, there are new threats to Banks, Insurance and other Companies and Society at large.


PG Diploma in Corporate Management

The Programme is meant for micro, small and medium entrepreneurs and employees working in Supervisory and Managerial positions to enable them have an overview of the entire management functioning, highlighting the role and importance of different departments like Human Resource, Finance, Operations.


PG Diploma in Organisation Development

The major emphasis of this Programme is on Organisation Building and Development. It is ideally suited to those who own either micro, small & medium enterprises or working in supervisory/ Executive positions and wanting to enhance their career prospects along with growth & development of the Organisation.


PG Diploma in Human Resource Management

The most vital and the crucial factor and component for success of business in any kind of Organisation is Human Resource. It is people who either make or break an Organisation. The Programme covers all nuances of dealing with employees at individualistic as well as at a collective level from a macro-micro-macro perspective.


PG Diploma in Training & Development

The Programme is designed to focus on all the issues related with Training and Development in different Organisations, striking a judicious balance between individual growth & development and ensuring reasonable returns on training cost to the Organisations.


PG Diploma in Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing is one of the oldest professions. Unfortunately, with growing number of professionals churned out by various educational Institutes and extremely poor quality of education provided by most of them, they are forgetting even the basic skills of selling, leave alone adopting Marketing skills.


PG Diploma in Retail Marketing

With the growing number of Malls not only in metros, but also in Tier II & Tier III cities and opening up of 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) in the Retail Sector, it has created huge demand for trained manpower in the Retail Sector at different levels.


PG Diploma in Investment Management

This Programme is for everyone. While for some, it may be of interest to make a Career in the field of Investment Management, for others it may be of interest to make their own investment decisions to ensure optimum returns on their investments.


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