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Counselling Division

Counselling Division

Counselling is relatively a new concept in the Indian socio-economic environment. Although the concept has been in existence for over five decades, in real life most of the people perceive/seem to have some stigma attached to for availing the services of a professional Counsellor. Remember, the first stage of learning & developing is admitting and accepting unconditionally what we are. No one is a Master of all situations. No one is perfect. We all need help and assistance of others at some point of time to seek appropriate direction and grow and develop in life. The choice is to either keep suffering in silence or seek the professional help of a Professional Counsellor to get on to the right track at the earliest. We have only one life and it does not offer opportunities to replay. Survival of the fittest was always relevant; it has become even more relevant in the cut-throat competitive World we are living in today.

Life is a continuous process of adjustment with our physical and mental environment. While some of are more apt at this process, others find it little difficult to adjust. Therefore, whenever we are not able to adjust with a situation ever after making reasonable efforts at our own level, it is always advisable to avail the services of a Qualified and professionally trained Counsellor.

Our Adjustment in any situation is essentially dependent on our Intelligence quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Spiritual Quotient (SQ). In the materialistic world of today, there are very few individuals who think of other individuals as a Spiritual being and develop their Spiritual Quotient while interacting with them. Undue importance is given to intelligence and its measurement in terms of IQ, while Emotions are often suppressed and ignored causing major hurdles in our interpersonal relations and adjustment with others.

Most of us are familiar with measuring intelligence according to the well-known IQ rating of cognitive intelligence. In 1983, Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University proposed that this number is a partial measure at best. He proposed eight distinct types of intelligence: linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and nature intelligence. We can be intelligent in important ways beyond what IQ measures.

Since that time, the field of multiple intelligences has really taken off. In fact, researchers like Travis Bradberry and Jeane Greaves have found that one set of four skills called Emotional Intelligence is the number one predictor of success in life–both professionally and personally.


  • Self-awareness : The ability to accurately understand your emotions and tendencies.
  • Self-management : The ability to use your emotional awareness to be flexible and direct your behaviour positively.
  • Social awareness : The ability to pick up on the feelings of others and understand what is going on within them.
  • Relationship management : The ability to use your awareness of your own feelings and the feelings of others to manage interpersonal interactions effectively and positively. Fortunately, unlike IQ, which appears to be innate and unchanging, Emotional Intelligence is something we can learn and get better at; while Spiritual Quotient (SQ) is often missing in majority of people or if present, ignored while interacting with others.

We conduct Counselling services for a wide cross section of individuals from all strata of society in the areas of vocational, educational, work & career related issues and on personal, family, social & legal issues in a highly professional manner. Our Counselling Services can be broadly classified as under :


  • Vocational & Educational Counselling
  • Work & Career related Counselling 
  • Personal & Family related Counselling
  • Social & Legal Issues related Counselling.

The pressure of present day life, where there is too little time to learn far too many things and the wide choices in all fields are increasingly making it difficult for individuals to choose the one  he/she is ideally cut out for. Even with the help of all available decision making tools, the choices are not simple and often confusing. Access to the right information at the right time through the right person, who is only concerned about your well-being and progress, is most crucial.

Professionalism is a state of mind. A professional Counsellor is not only professionally qualified and experienced, but also exercises and practices all the Principles of Counselling evolved and designed over a period of time. He/ She is your Friend, Philosopher and Guide who guides you through all kinds of challenges and helps you make the Optimum choices and decisions on all crucial and critical issues, be it your education, vocation, Career & work, family or social life.We require minimum three sittings with each individual of minimum one hour duration each i.e. one for establishing rapport, second for detailed analysis of his/her challenges including administration of Psychometric tests to ascertain his/her IQ, EQ and SQ and third for exploring possible solutions of the problem jointly.

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