About Us

About Us

Our Mission
To thrive for organisational excellence by enhancing the quality of life of individuals through organisational efficiency and development, be it family, social, formal or informal organisations.

Our Vision
To continuously enhance the Quality of life of Individuals through empowerment and personal Development.

Our Philosphy
Help Ever, Hurt Never

Aims & Objectives
  • To provide optimum opportunities for Self Development of the individuals so as to enable them to contribute their best to the society at Large.
  • To provide top quality Education & Learning based on professional ethics and the social responsibilities of business.
  • To promote and develop value based management principles and practices in consonance with Indian heritage, social and cultural ethos.

Core Values
All our activities are governed and guided by following Core Values :
  • Mission -Work relentless for growth & development of Mankind
  • Commitment - Have commitment of Highest Order in all activities
  • Devotion - To our cause of serving the Society beyond all boundaries
  • Service to Mankind - Selflessly irrespective of caste, creed, sex & Nationalities
  • Positive values & orientation - Work with Problem solving Never Die Attitude
  • Cooperation - Extend Helping Hand to all Positive & Constructive Activities
  • Good Conduct & Governance - Lead by Ethical & austere Personal Example
  • Relationship - Developing & Sustaining Caring &Sharing relations with all
  • Respect - Everyone with Dignity irrespective of position or power
  • Organisation - Create & Develop Organisations par excellence

Message of The Chairman
ODI is our dream project to fulfill the sole objective of providing people with a world class Learning & Development Institute and guide them as Mentor throughout their life. The process starts from the stage of choosing the right career, guiding them through different stages of their career & personal development and help them to reach the pinnacle of their career so as to enable them to their best for the overall growth & development of society at large. Learning & Personal Development is a serious and life long process, which does not have any short cut. Therefore, we do not believe in any short term association. Probably, that is the main reason that our list of Members & Clients are constantly and continuously growing. Survival through sheer Merit & Competence is our Motto. In today’s world where ends seem to justify the means, we strongly believe and practice the principle “Means are as important.
The basket of our services offer composite solution to the problems of our client from his/her perspective involving psycho analysis, case study & Group work facilitating his/her adjustment in any situation so as to enable them to contribute their best to the society at large. We expect as many people as possible to avail our services so as to optimize our’s as well as national resources.

With Best Wishes,

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Ashok Kumar Arya